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Specifications advertising Hallo magazine

Content Specifications

  • One brand per outing
  • No use of Jumbo logo or font
  • No recipes, a short tip or reference is allowed
  • You can refer to the Jumbo website with the following url: Jumbo.com/acties
  • Featured products need to have a minimum distribution of 80%
  • 1/1 page up to 50 words, ½ page up to 30 words
  • Action time equals the duration of Hallo Jumbo
  • English communication is only allowed if there is English text on the pictured product.
  • Advertisement may not have the appearance of an advertorial
  • Discount coupons are not allowed. The exception are cash-refund promotions where the full benefit takes place directly between the supplier and consumer


Advertising Code for Alcoholic Drinks (RVA)
The Advertising Code for Alcoholic Drinks (RvA) applies to advertising for alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks, in as much as recommended for use in combination with alcoholic drinks.

  • All advertising for alcoholic drinks must include the educational slogan ‘No alcohol under the age of 18’.
  • Font: Arial Italic.
  • Format:
    • Full page advertisement: character size 12.
    • Half page advertisement: character size 9.
  • Position: the slogan must be sufficiently separated in respect of the laid-out body text and must be positioned horizontally, to attract sufficient attention.
  • Layout: the slogan must be clearly distinguishable against the background colour, as far as possible making use of positive (black) or negative (white).

Technical Specifications


  • 1/1 page: 205 × 250 mm (+ 5 mm bleed + cutting marks). Place text and logos 5 mm inside the type area in connection with the cutting margin.
  • 1/2 page: 170 × 105 mm (no bleed + cutting marks)



  • Highres certified CMYK pdf with minimum resolution of 300 dpi
  • Version PDF: PDF/X-4
  • Color use: CMYK (full colour)*
  • Compliant with color profile: PSO_ INP_Paper

Color profile and joboptions download here.


Use of colour

If different, all colours will be converted to CMYK (full colour). We therefore recommend converting all images and support colours to CMYK to avoid undesirable colour variables.
Colours on a monitor screen are inaccurate in terms of colour reproduction and may be misleading. Print proofs are always provided in CMYK for inspection. Colour reproduction may vary per medium.

Delivery specifications

Advertisement materials should be delivered as Certified PDF to trafficjumbo@wearenew.nl

Deadline delivery advertisement

Edition Week At the latest
1 1 06.11.2023
2 10 15.01.2024
3 15 19.02.2024
4 22 08.04.2024
5 29 27.05.2024
6 36 15.07.2024
7 43 02.09.2024
8 49 14.10.2024



In case of deviations in the delivery of advertising material, neither NEW. nor Jumbo Supermarkten B.V. can be held liable for the eventual printing result.

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